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Located in the heart of Zaragoza and with all the facilities and equipments required in a competitive market, the Hotel Avenida is the ideal solution for your business trip, offering you the chance to relax but also to discover everything  Zaragoza has to offer through a pleasant walking tour.

The Hotel offers 85 rooms, some fully equipped for disabled, private parking spaces and direct connexion to the Train and Bus station through the nº34 urban bus line with a stop in the number 1 of Conde de Aranda Street, about 50 meters away from the hotel.

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1 –Drive right into the  Hotel .

You  need to take the  “ Salida Centro-El Pilar”  Exit on the Higway  go straight and You will get to   a bridge , “Puente Santiago” , after crossing the bridge you will turn left  and drive trough “Paseo Echegaray and Caballero” street  wich runs borderline the River Ebro.
Follow straight and  you will leave “ el pilar” behind (on the right side of your drive)  and you will also have to leave behind the next  Bridge “ Puente de Piedra”   then you will take the first turn to the right after the bridge   and be  at the beginning of  “ San Vicente de Paul” Street, follow straight and  somewhere around the middle of this street  you will find  “Calle Mayor”  and turn right , you will have to keep your drive  straight trough this street  ( it will eventually change its name to  “Calle Espoz y Mina”  and  “Manifestacion”  and nearing  the end  you will meet  “ Mercado central” wich will lie right before you   ( is an old market building) .Turn left and leave this building behind to your right  and you will be  on “ Cesar Augusto” street, you will be able to see hour  Hotel on  the right side of the street  just in front of a Tramway Station Our Desk Staff will Explain you how to  drive into the parking.

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2 Drive right into the Parking

You need to take the  “salida  Delicias-El portillo” exit  on the highway, go straight following  Downton ( centro ciudad)  indications and   taking notice on the signals that read  “Plaza B Paraiso    and you will get to a  Big Roundabout.
Place yourselves  on the Left line  and follow straight to  “Puerta del Carmen”( the remains of an old stone gate to the city) .
Right before it  you will need to turn right  to  “Hernan Cortes” street, once you are  there you will need to again place your car in the left line  and  take the first turn left  “Calle Galdos” Street and  then turn left again to get back into  “ Hernan Cortes” street but on the opposite direction.
When you see “ puerta del Carmen” again, turn right and leave it behind at your left side.
Then you will need to turn right  at the third street on your way  and you will find yourself  in “Pplaza Salamero” Square( there is a parking there , Parking Salamero,DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR THERE), follow straight leaving this parking behind and then turn left  at the end of the square and drive trough  “Teniente Valenzuela” street.
When you get to the end of this street you will be able to see and Advertising of  “Parking Cesar Augusto and  Mercado Central”  , turn left  after  the Traffic light   and drive  over the Traimway rails ( it is allowed) Then you will  see at the  end of the street in the right corner  the P signal for     PARKING PUBLICO EPSA CESAR AUGUSTO,  That’s where we have  our  parking slots,  on the second floor , advertised as  HOTEL AVENIDA.
Drive inside this parking  and get the ticket  and place your car in one of these designated slots.
Bring this ticket  to  the staff at the hotels  desk  so we can give you  further indications on the use of the parking  and  access  the benefits and reduced  rate  for our  guests.

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